Brownie the Wonder Dog

“I am incredibly proud of Brownie. When I first adopted him, he was very anxious and scared of new things, but on this day, he put those fears aside to save his family. He didn’t just cower in the corner, he stepped up and said, ‘something is not right and I need to get my family out.’”

Brownie, a handsome chocolate lab, came to Foothills Animal Shelter after his owner suddenly passed away. He quickly received his medical and behavioral assessment, and it became clear that Brownie needed a home that could properly direct his high energy and anxiety, and give him an outlet for his high drive.

Darby, the Shelter’s Behavior Coordinator, said, “Brownie has an instinct and desire to work, and our goal was to find a home where he would thrive.” Specifically, Brownie needed a home that would challenge him, especially when it came to a job – like sports! Soon, the Shelter’s team would find Brownie his perfect home.

Brenda is a Labrador lover, through and through. Sadly, she had just lost her beloved pup, Riley, to cancer. They did everything together, and she felt like she had a dog-sized hole in her heart. She told the Shelter’s staff, “I was in a really bad place. Riley was my life, and I truly believe that Riley sent Brownie to me. Something told me, ‘this is the dog for me.’” And just like that, Brownie found his new home with Brenda and her partner, Ronnie.

Brenda knew Brownie needed an outlet for all of his energy. As it turns out, he is quite the athlete! She started training him in lure coursing, dock diving and more, and this pup soon came out of his dog-shaped shell.

Just two months after adopting Brownie, Brenda went to work like any normal day. Ronnie was in the back bedroom with the door closed. Little did he know, the cord behind the dishwasher caught fire, and their house began filling with smoke. Brownie immediately knew he needed to get his family out of the house. He ran to the back bedroom door and started scratching, barking and whining. When Ronnie opened the door to see what was happening, the house was filled with smoke and he couldn’t even see into the kitchen. With Brownie’s quick actions, Ronnie was able to take the proper measures to eliminate any further danger, and they were able to get out of the house safely.

The smoke detectors never went off. Brownie was truly a super hero.

Brenda said Brownie has been amazing during their first year together. He has become an accomplished title holder in the sports he has been trained in, and he loves his stuffed animals, his family and all the fun activities they do together. She says, “I can have a bad day at work and as soon as I come home, I see his head peeking out of the window, his favorite toy in his mouth, and the worst day just goes away.”


We as humans might save homeless animals, but in turn, they often save us right back – sometimes, literally.

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Has your adopted pet ever saved you?