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Foothills Animal Shelter Responds to CASP Closure: Twenty-Nine Animals Now in Shelter’s Care

(GOLDEN, CO – March 28, 2019) – Twenty-nine dogs and cats arrived at Foothills Animal Shelter (FAS) midday Thursday, Mar. 28. The animals were transported from the Community Animal Services of Pueblo (CASP) shelter in Pueblo, Co., following the facility’s closure on Wednesday.

The animals range in age and size, and are currently being seen by the shelter’s healthcare and behavior teams. Fifteen cats have been quarantined due to concerns of disease exposure, and all are receiving medical treatment. Both the cats and 14 dogs have been vaccinated by shelter staff to ensure their health and safety. 

“We’re happy we had the space to receive these animals, and we look forward to doing all we can to help them find loving, forever homes,” said Connie Howard, Executive Director, FAS. 

Shelter staff is reporting that the animals seem to be settling in, despite a stressful morning of travel and transition. Dogs received baths and many enjoyed the warm water and affection. Several of the cats appear relaxed and relieved to have access to appropriate litterbox facilities.  

The estimated cost of care for the animals relocated from Pueblo is about $35 per day, totaling an anticipated daily care cost of more than $1,000 per day for the entire group. 

“Please consider making a gift in support of our efforts to collaborate with the greater Colorado animal welfare community, and to help us help these animals who are in desperate need of care,” Howard said.  

“We’re so grateful for our wonderful community for their generous response to this situation,” she added. 

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