Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Roles:
Do you love helping fill an animal’s hungry belly?  Giving a dog her daily exercise, cuddling a kitten, or greeting visitors as they enter our Shelter?  We have many unique and fulfilling volunteer positions to fit your skills and interests!
Most of our volunteer positions require a regular weekly or every-other-week shift.  While we make every attempt to place volunteers in their preferred roles, not every position may be available at the time you apply.  However, the highlighted roles are considered “high need” and we require an initial 6 hour commitment in one of these “high need” roles. 

We will begin taking general applications again on Wednesday, May 13th. Thank you for your interest in volunteering!


Not quite 16 yet, but hoping to help?  Check out these ideas below:

Youth Volunteer and Outreach Opportunities

Raising funds, donations and awareness for the Shelter

  • Host a Spaghetti Dinner, Bake Sale, Lemonade Stand or other food fundraiser
  • Have an art auction
  • Host a car wash to support the animal shelter
  • Host a donation drive
  • Create signs or presentations about an animal welfare issue to post or present at your events
  • Share our adoptable animals on social media
  • Inform your friends about pet homelessness, overpopulation and the benefits of spay and neuter
  • Encourage people you know to adopt, not shop and to visit this animal shelter or their local shelter
  • Choose an animal welfare issue for your next humanities project at school

Making Enrichment toys for our animals

For the T-shirt and Fleece toys any clean, strong material will work but fleece and cotton are recommended


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