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Longtime Foster Dogs Find Their Forever Homes!

Sometimes animals need just a little extra love and time in order to be ready to take on their next adventure of finding their forever homes! Fortunately, over 190 families have opened their homes through our foster program where these pets are able to take all the time they need, whether they are there for behavior or medical concerns. Jack Jack and Jakob were two dogs that truly thrived while in their foster homes and went on their way to finally being adopted to new families! Continue below to read their stories!


On July 31, 2017 an extremely fearful dog was transferred to Foothills Animal Shelter from a rescue partner in southern Colorado. Before his arrival at the Shelter, the 1-year-old Hound and German Shepherd mix, named Jack Jack, could not be handled due to his fear and spent his days hiding in his kennel.


When he first came to the Shelter his behavior was much of the same. All Jack Jack wanted to do was hide his face and be in corners. He also had no idea how to be on a leash or how to interact with other people and dogs.


Jack Jack was soon placed in a foster home in the hope that some time in a home would help him come out of his shell and encourage him to be a more confident pup. His foster parents worked with him for almost a year socializing Jack Jack and desensitizing him from the outside world.

Fortunately, by March of 2018, he had already made great strides in his behavior – he was enjoying play time with other dogs and loving car rides! Just a few short months later he was comfortable being in the presence of people and was finally ready to find a permanent home! And on June 23, 2018, 328 days after his arrival at Foothills Animal Shelter, Jack Jack did just that; he was adopted to a family that fell completely in love with the now 2-year-old dog! It may have taken him almost a year, but thanks to Shelter staff, his wonderful foster family and his determined spirit, Jack Jack was able to find his courage as well as his happy ending!


When Jakob, an 8-year-old German Shepherd was brought to Foothills Animal Shelter by Jefferson County Animal Control in November of 2017, it was clear right away that he wasn’t feeling quite well. His eyes were clouded and he was thought to have had a possible urinary tract infection.

When the Shelter’s Veterinary Services examined Jakob, they found that he had bladder stones that would need to be removed and would also require him to be on a special diet for the rest of his life. They also diagnosed Jakob with Pannus, an eye disease that, without proper treatment, would eventually lead to blindness.

Longtime foster volunteers, Jane and Kevin, happily took Jakob in and gave him the best home environment that allowed him to heal properly and flourish over time.

After many months, totaling out to over 230 days since his initial arrival, Jakob became a new pup and was ready to take on a new home and new family! On July 2 of this year, Jakob finally landed himself a forever home when his new mom, dad and sister came to pick him up and take him on his new adventure! From feeling not-so-great to feeling hot, hot, hot Jakob certainly made the most of his time in his foster home and blossomed into a dog who was able to conquer it all!



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