Maddie the Reading Rover

maddieAdopted Dog Becomes Reading Partner for Kids

Maddie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, was 2-years-old when she first came to Foothills Animal Shelter during the summer of 2014. Maddie was adopted almost immediately, but was returned just a week later when her family couldn’t care for her. This would turn out to be the best thing that would happen to Maddie.

Around the same time, Pat P. and his wife decided to visit Foothills Animal Shelter after their previous pet passed away. They were still sad over their loss, but they were ready to find a new animal to love. They found that in Maddie.

maddie-for-webMaddie’s life now consists of lots of trips, wearing fun outfits and getting spoiled. Maddie has also become a certified therapy dog and spends a few days per month participating in the PAWS for Reading Program through the Arvada Public Library. Sponsored by Jefferson County Public Library, Maddie helps children develop their reading skills by letting them read to her. Dogs like Maddie are excellent reading companions because of their relaxed, loving and non-judgmental nature.

Maddie and her family couldn’t be doing better. Pat says, “Maddie is eager to show people that her breed is loving, kind and gentle and that she just wants love, snuggles and a safe place. We feel so lucky that she is in our life and that we are her forever family. We truly believe ‘rescue’ is not a verb; it’s a promise.”

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