Make Their World Safe

In an uncertain world where finding food and shelter was a daily struggle, Dusty, a 10-year-old German Shepherd mix, and his sister, Sassy, a 12-year-old Australian Shepherd mix, could at least be sure of one thing: they were loved. Sadly, that changed when the frightened dogs were discovered in a dark hotel room, crouched next to their deceased owner. All they had now was each other—or so they thought.

What they didn’t know was that Foothills Animal Shelter—and its community of skilled professionals, dedicated volunteers, loving adopters and generous supporters—was there for them, to give them help, hope and a brighter future.

Dusty and Sassy had not received proper health care for years, but that wasn’t their biggest challenge. From the moment these gentle spirits arrived at the Shelter, their strong attachment was clear. When separated, they became anxious, pacing the floor and barking frantically, trying to find each other. Dusty was losing his sight and hearing and depended upon Sassy to be his guide. Despite some loss of vision herself, Sassy knew it was her job to make the world safe for her brother.

The Shelter’s Health Care team treated their physical ailments, including severe dental disease, but Dusty and Sassy had some emotional wounds than needed healing as well. Compassionate volunteers kept the dogs together during walks and play time. Both were showered with the attention they craved. As their confidence returned, their natural friendliness emerged and Sassy’s undying love for tennis balls was revealed.

Finding a forever home for a bonded pair of elderly dogs with health issues could have been difficult, but right before Christmas the perfect adopters stepped forward. The two retirees with a soft spot for senior dogs had plenty of time and love to share, along with lots of outdoor space, perfect for chasing tennis balls!

Dusty and Sassy are just two of the more than 9,200 animals helped by Foothills Animal Shelter every year. With your gift of support, you can make a world of difference for so many animals in need. Please give today to help make their world safe.