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Abused Dog has Been Rescued and is Healing at Foothills Animal Shelter

(GOLDEN, CO – January 21, 2021) –

Foothills Animal Shelter is pleased to announce that an eight-pound Chihuahua has been rescued after severe physical abuse. An Animal Control Officer was called in the middle of the night to the dog’s residence and encountered a horrifying scene. The ACO immediately removed the pup and rushed him to Evolutions Veterinary Specialists (EVS), a close partner of Foothills Animal Shelter.

The team at EVS were shocked at his appearance.  Dr. Kelly McGuire said, “Humans can be so terribly cruel and treat animals so poorly.” They were able to stabilize the injured dog, and he was taken to Foothills Animal Shelter first thing the next morning.

The dog had experienced severe trauma, yet you could still feel his generous spirit while the Shelter’s compassionate Veterinary team examined him. Dr. Claire Vaiden, the Shelter’s Veterinarian said, “On presentation, he was neurologically abnormal and had severe facial swelling, both of which can be signs of head trauma.  He also had a skin and eye condition that were most consistent with burns of roughly 14-21 days old.” This dog had been suffering for quite some time before his rescue.

Over the last week, the Shelter named this incredible dog “Pepito,” and he has improved more and more every day.  He was blind, unable to stand, in extreme pain and unresponsive to stimuli when he first arrived. Now, he is walking with assistance, responds to his name, and after the removal of one of his eyes, has almost fully regained vision in his remaining eye.

“His skin is improving but still infected, and he likely will have permanent scars from the damage it sustained.  While he may have some permanent brain damage from this traumatic event, it has not affected his spirit; he now greets me every morning with a tail wag and a little kiss on the nose.  His sweet demeanor and loving nature have us all rooting for him,” said Dr. Vaiden.

“We are grateful to share that Pepito has survived some of the most extreme abuse imaginable. Because of the quick work of Animal Control and EVS, and the staff here at the Shelter who work tirelessly to care for these animals, Pepito has a bright future ahead of him – one filled with love and dignity,” said Executive Director, Connie Howard.

If you feel inspired and want to help Pepito in the healing process, please consider making a donation to help us with his care at www.FoothillsAnimalShelter.org/ARF 


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