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Animal ID: #295557

Are you hiring? This is working cat is seeking a job in a rural environment such as a farm, stable, or garden center where they can enjoy the freedom of outdoor life with the safety of a familiar place and a committed caretaker. Working cats span the spectrum of sociability, with some cats quite inexperienced and fearful of people, preferring to work from the shadows, and some cats who will eagerly rub against your boot and join you for your outdoor chores. Some working cats may amaze you with the mouse catching antics and athleticism, and some may be more hands off, discouraging pests with their presence and scent. Looking for a particular personality? Ask our team about finding the right cat for your environment. To set your new farm hand up for success, we recommend setting up a cozy, confined space replete with food, water, and litterbox. After a week or two of enjoying the amenities of their new environment they’ll feel much safer staying put and getting to work. Have a big job? Ask our team about cats that may enjoy working in pairs or groups. All working cat adoptions are fee-waived, with spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip, and ear-tip included.

  • Age:3 years
  • Weight:8.6 lbs
  • Breed:Domestic Longhair
  • Colors:Black
  • Sex:Unknown
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