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Pet ID: #275976

For all his maturity and life experiences Vinny appears not to have spent much time living inside alongside his family. We’re excited for this opportunity for him to enjoy the comfortable lifestyle of a beloved Colorado dog, and recognize he’ll need some support from his next family to develop the skills he’ll need to thrive in a new routine.

Vinny is working on housetraining and consistency and attention to detail will be key to his success. He’s also thrilled to have toys and games available to him, but can be a bit fuzzy about what is intended to be a him toy and what belongs to his people. Again, consistency and a bit of management should clear up his confusion in no time! Vinny is just loving life! His ideal family will be patient, thoughtful, and forgiving, and use positive strategies to address bumps in the road so that learning doesn’t happen at the expense of their developing friendship.

Vinny is highly motivated by playtime with other dogs, and his ideal companion will share his enthusiasm for frequent rough and tumble play, as he doesn’t always understand when a less zealous dog is asking for space or a break.

  • Age:3 years 2 months1 weeks
  • Weight:51.3 lbs
  • Breed:Boxer
  • Colors:Black, Wheaten
  • Sex:Male
  • Adoption Fee:$110
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