Scamp’s Fairy Tail

Last year, a puppy arrived at Foothills Animal Shelter in desperate need of help. He had two broken front legs, a severe burn covering his nose, and was in tremendous pain.

The Pomeranian was taken to a local clinic, but his owner was unable to financially care for him and so surrendered him to the clinic’s care. The clinic brought the now-homeless puppy to Foothills Animal Shelter.

The Shelter’s veterinary team acted fast. Dr. Hays, the Shelter’s Chief Veterinarian said, “The clinic he was surrendered to did a great job stabilizing him, and we were able to perform procedures at the Shelter that would allow the puppy’s fractures to heal.”

Over two months, the puppy underwent two surgical procedures to save his young life and both of his front legs. He was also given burn treatments to allow his nose to heal.  It was clear that this puppy was a survivor, and his goofy personality brought a smile to everyone who met him!

When this puppy’s now-family met him, they were instantly in love. “We brought him home, and he turned into a tiny tornado… always on the move and into mischief. “Scamp” was the perfect name for him!” Scamp and his new family lived happily ever after!


While this is the end of Scamp’s tale, it is just the beginning for thousands of homeless, hurt pets like Scamp.

With your generosity, the Shelter’s talented team, and a touch of magic, together we will make more happily ever afters.

Scamp is just one of the 8,200 animals helped by Foothills Animal Shelter every year. Support from compassionate people like you is essential to the Shelter’s life-saving work. Please make a gift today to help Foothills Animal Shelter care for more pets like Scamp. You’ll be making a real difference in the lives of thousands of animals and humans alike.



Public support is essential to the Shelter’s life-saving and life-enhancing work. Because of that, the Friends of Foothills Animal Shelter, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was created for the sole purpose of raising funds to support the Shelter’s vital programs and services. As always, your donation is tax deductible and directly benefits the animals who need help most.