Senior Sweetheart Finds His Forever Home

murray-before_smallAt the beginning of November, an 11-year-old Toy Poodle mix was found running around the Red Rocks Community College campus. A Good Samaritan brought the tiny dog, who only weighed seven pounds, to Foothills Animal Shelter. Sadly, his fur was severely matted and it was discovered that he had no teeth remaining, likely due to advanced dental disease. Luckily, he was in good condition otherwise, and had a spunky, sweet temperament. No owner came to claim him, so the Shelter shaved his coat to remove the mats, named him Murray and placed up him for adoption.

November was Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and Foothills Animal Shelter, along with other shelters throughout the country, use the month to highlight the benefits of adopting senior pets. Murray was featured on the Shelter’s Facebook page in a short video that garnered thousands of views. It was obvious that there was something special about this little guy, and during the last week of November, Murray found his new forever home.

murray-adoption_smallRachel H. stopped by the Shelter with no intention of bringing home a pet. However, she spotted tiny Murray in his plaid coat and couldn’t resist asking the staff for more information about him. She was told his story and decided she had to meet with him. Rachel says, “He looked brave, sweet and hopeful … I sat on the floor with Murray who wagged his tail and was content to be curled up on my lap. I thought about what a survivor he was … I wondered considering his size and having not one tooth that if I didn’t adopt him if someone would.” She decided that she had to be the one to take him home.

Murray now spends his days “working” at Rachel’s antique shop, Turn of the Century Antiques, on South Broadway in Denver. He’s loving his new home and gets to spend time with Rachel’s other senior dog, Peyton. Rachel says, “When I am at home … he stares at me with intense gratitude as if he knew his situation and he can’t believe his good fortune.” Thank you, Rachel, for giving Murray a home and especially for making his holidays merry and bright!


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