Adopt a Critter

Looking for a new friend with feathers, scales, a cotton tail, snout or webbed feet? There are animals of many shapes, sizes and species available for adoption at Foothills Animal Shelter! We often have rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, ferrets, birds, reptiles and barnyard animals looking for their forever homes.

Adoption Partners

Foothills Animal Shelter is fortunate to partner with several Petco and PetSmart stores to feature adoptable cats and critters! These locations help us place many more pets in loving homes. Click here for details.

Critters Available for Adoption


Lion Head Mix

AGE: Month
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 3 lbs
PET ID: 210173


Dove Mix

AGE: 1 Year
SEX: Male
PET ID: 210235

Carpe Diem

Snake - Carpet Pyton Mix

AGE: Month
SEX: Unknown
PET ID: 210311


Rooster Mix

AGE: 6 Months
SEX: Male
PET ID: 210455


Flemish Giant Mix

AGE: Month
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 15 lbs
PET ID: 210172


Parakeet Mix

AGE: 8 Years
SEX: Male
PET ID: 210177


Dove Mix

AGE: 1 Year
SEX: Male
PET ID: 210234