Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Summer is a great time to plan an enjoyable camping adventure for you and your dog! Here are some tips to keep your four-legged friend safe in the great outdoors.

Preparing for Your Trip

  • Research pet-friendly campgrounds: Not all campgrounds allow pets. Be sure to do some research on pet-friendly campgrounds as well as any fees and/or rules for bringing your dog.
  • Make sure your dog’s license and microchip information are updated: Make sure an ID tag and current license are attached to your dog’s collar. Also, check your dog’s microchip information and update it if you need to.

Packing for Your Trip

  • Bring your dog’s usual food and supplies: Bring enough food and treats for the duration of your trip, keeping in mind their regular feeding schedules. Also pack lots of poop bags, chew toys for entertainment, a dog bed or tent to sleep in, a crate, blankets, extra towels, a dog brush and a pet first aid kit.
  • Make sure your dog has access to plenty of water: With our dry climate and hot summer days, it’s important that your dog is properly hydrated. Don’t let your dog drink from standing bodies of water as they can contain disease.

While at the Campsite

  • Pick a spot with plenty of shade: On hot days it can be easy for your dog to overheat. Choose a site with plenty of shade to keep them cool and comfortable.
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times: Most pet-friendly campgrounds require that you keep your dog on a leash as a common courtesy to other campers. Keeping them on their leash also helps prevent them from getting separated from you.
  • Never leave your dog unattended: For their safety, do NOT leave your dog alone at the campsite or confined in a vehicle.
  • Check for ticks, thorns, burrs, etc.: Periodically check your dog’s coat for insects and stickers, and promptly remove anything stuck in their fur.
  • Keep your campsite clean and tidy: Always pick up after your pet, and keep any dog food and treats hidden or in your car to keep away wildlife.
  • Always be aware of your dog’s energy and temperament: Keep a close eye on your pooch throughout the trip and remain attentive to their behavior. Keep your dog hydrated and well-rested to guarantee a fun time for everyone!

Remember these tips for your next camping adventure and you and your pet will enjoy the trip while being safe at the same time!