Fireworks Pet Safety

If you already have a pet or are planning on getting a pet around the 4th of July, New Year’s or any other holiday where fireworks are likely, please use common sense to ensure your pet is safe.

Here are some good tips


  • If your pet gets anxious during fireworks, keep them quiet and secure in a bedroom or even a crate. Turn on the television or a radio for noise to block out the sound.
  • If your pet goes outside, keep their time limited and supervise them while they are outdoors (to avoid them hopping the fence).
  • If you have company coming over for the holiday, be sure to keep your pet away from open doors so they do not bolt out the door after hearing fire crackers, etc. (a crate can work well).
  • Don’t take your pet to a fireworks display. You are asking for a problem if they get spooked and run away from you.
  • Keep your pet’s collar and license tag on them (and be sure the information is current) at all times.