Holiday Pet Safety

The holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving, can be a fun and joyous occasion for both you and your pet. However, with all of the turkey day goodies and holiday cakes, candies and decorations, it’s still very important for pet owners
froda-5131to keep their pets in mind when preparing for this festive time of year.

Thanksgiving Day Goodies:

  • Even though you may be tempted by your pet’s pleading eyes to share your Thanksgiving leftovers, many foods are actually dangerous and unhealthy for them.
  • Rich and fatty foods (such as turkey skins, gravy, etc.) can cause serious abdominal issues for pets. Tempting as it may be, keep them out of reach from your cats and dogs.
  • Cooked bones are brittle choking hazards and can splinter when chewed, potentially causing tears or obstructions in your pet’s digestive tract.
  • Another Thanksgiving staple that can be hazardous to pets is stuffing. Stuffing often contains onions, which poison dogs’ blood cells. Your pets should also avoid garlic bread as garlic is also bad for your pets’ blood.
  • Be aware that tasty candy for humans can be dangerous to pets. Chocolate is poisonous and can even be fatal for pets.

Holiday Season Decorations:

  • Secure large trees to the wall to prevent tipping. Cats can easily climb up in trees and tip them over – as can dogs!
  • Avoid using tinsel to decorate. It can be ingested and caught in a pet’s digestive track.
  • Fasten all your tree decorations securely with the more fragile ones at the top. Consider non-breakable ornaments that look like glass, but are actually plastic.
  • Place holiday plants out of reach and vacuum often. Poinsettias are poisonous to animals and can cause drooling, oral pain and vomiting. Mistletoe is also poisonous. Avoid these plants or use artificial ones that appear to be real instead.
  • Keep electrical cords tucked away so your pet won’t chew on or get tangled in them.