Lost Pet Prevention

vagabondAlthough no one wants to think about losing their pet, trying to be proactive in avoiding it altogether and being educated on what to do if it does happen, is important.


Take steps beforehand to ensure that if your pet becomes lost, you will easily be able to find him or her again.

  • Your pet should always have a current license tag attached to a secure collar. A license helps animal control, animal shelters and good Samaritans connect you to your pet.
  • Microchip your pet as a permanent form of identification in case your pet’s collar and tags fall off or are removed.


Protecting your pet from potential dangers is important.

  • Double-check the fencing around your yard and look for holes or loose boards.
  • If your pet is easily scared by people or loud noises, bring him or her inside when appropriate.


If your pet becomes lost, finding him or her may require a lot of persistence.

  • Check every shelter and rescue in the area where you lost your pet.
  • Post lost pet posters and distribute flyers.
  • You may be able to post your lost pet on animal shelter websites as well.
  • Look on sites like Craigslist or online community message boards for postings about lost pets.