Tips for Pets in Parks, Trails, and Other Public Areas

We have partnered with Jeffco Open Space to spread the word about keeping pets safe on trails, in parks and in other public areas. By following these tips you can help both you and your pet reduce encounters with wildlife as well as incidences of heat stroke; and you can contribute in keeping our parks beautiful and free of dog waste! Read below for some great tips to keep your dog safe and happy.

Love ’em Leash ’emfas_jcos-dog-adoption-flyer-28

• When on leash, pets are less likely to get lost, encounter snakes, sick or injured animals and large predators

• Dogs can disturb ground nesting birds or animals raising young
• Leashed dogs are less likely to intimidate other visitors and their pooches

Keep ’em Cool

• Signs of heat distress in dogs: rapid panting, bright red tongue, thick saliva and dizziness
• Prevention: Offer water frequently and wet their paw pads, pits and bellies with cool water
• During the hottest part of the year, consider ending park adventures by 10 a.m. or starting after 4 p.m.

Let’s Doo It!

• Dog waste doesn’t break down like wild animal waste. Left alone, it pollutes ground water.
• Dog waste can contain harmful bacteria and pathogens
• Poop smells and is a terrible waste of scenery
• Pick it up and pack it out!

Jeffco Open Space provides 230+ miles of trails over 28 parks in Jefferson County that you can visit and explore with your pup! You can learn more about them and their Lets Doo It! campaign at