Report a Found Pet

If you see a pet roaming without an owner, you can contact your local Animal Control Agency and notify them of the pet’s description and location.

If you found a pet with a Jefferson County, you can use the tag number to search for the pet’s family.

If you have found a pet that does not have a license or tags, please bring it to your nearest veterinary clinic or shelter so that it can be scanned for a microchip. If no microchip is found, you can place the animal in the care of the nearest shelter that accepts stray pets. Owners are more likely to search for their missing pet at the shelter closest to their home, so it is important not to take the pet far from the area where it was found.

If you found the pet within Jefferson County, you can place it in the care of Foothills Animal Shelter. Click here for hours and directions. Or, you might choose to keep the animal at your home while searching for the pet’s owner. If you are interested possibly adopting the pet you have found, it is still very important to first give the original owner a chance to claim the pet.

To help in your search for the pet’s owner, you can go door-to-door and speak with neighbors, post “found pet” flyers in your area, post “found pet” ads in online sources such as and post ads in local papers. You can also post a found pet classifieds ad that will appear on the Lost & Found Pets page of our website.