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Pet ID: #271264

Nice fella with a sunny disposition, easy to be around, an excellent walking partner! Louie is likely to be a good for many, don’t miss out!

Louie has recently returned to Foothills after spending a few weeks in a foster home. Here are some of the things his foster has told us:

•The boy is a lounger! He will sleep anywhere, in any position. Curled up in a little donut, sprawled out, or hanging halfway off the couch. He also loves to make little nests for himself with the pillows and blanket, and sometimes thinks he’s a cat and tries to lay across on the back of the couch.
•He is very inquisitive. Loves just watching what’s going on out the window, and wants to see and smell everything while on walks.
•Often tries to catch toys in his mouth, only succeeds about 25% of the time.
•He is extremely chill when he’s home alone. Sleeps, looks out the window, and that’s it.
•He has never gone into the garbage, chewed anything he wasn’t supposed to, or tried to take food off of the counter or table, even when it is easily within his reach.
•Louie is a pretty quiet dog.
•He has the best “sit” and will randomly stop in the middle of a walk to perform this “trick” (assuming you have treats).
•He usually just likes to lay nearby while I watch tv or am going to bed at night, but every once in a while he will decide he wants to cuddle up close. It’s a nice balance – not too needy and not too aloof 🙂

Our staff and volunteers confirm what his foster has said. Louie is a sweet and happy-go-lucky guy who wants to be wherever you are and he’s been a very good boy here at Foothills. He’s a confident walker, enjoys treats and loves human companionship. And he has a most endearing smile!

And as an extra-added attraction, Louie’s adoption fee has been sponsored by an anonymous donor!

  • Age:11 years 5 months
  • Weight:76.6 lbs
  • Breed:Boxer
  • Colors:Tan, White
  • Sex:Male
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