Thank you for considering adopting a homeless pet. You will be making a difference in the life of an animal in need! Visit Foothills Animal Shelter – or one of our offsite adoption partners – today. We care for more than 9,300 orphaned animals each and every year, and can help you find a great match for your family.

Pet Adoption - Dog and Puppy Adopt a Dog

At Foothills Animal Shelter, you might find a wide variety of canine pals, senior dogs to 8-week-old puppies, hiking companions to couch potatoes, and everything in between! About 25% of the dogs we see each year are purebred, the others...

adopt_cat_thumb Adopt a Cat

Whether you are looking for a cat that is incredibly affectionate or more independent, calm or active, curious or cool - we have a match for you! We often have playful kittens available for adoption - especially in the summer months. Would...

adopt_critter_thumb Adopt a Critter

Looking for a new friend with feathers or scales? A cotton tail, snout, or webbed feet? There are animals of many shapes, sizes — and species — available for adoption at Foothills Animal Shelter! We often have rabbits, guinea pigs,...

how_to_adopt_thumb How to Adopt

When adopting a dog, puppy, cat or kitten from Foothills Animal Shelter, the adoption fee includes: spay/neuter first vaccinations microchip and health check Note: All adoptions require an approved adoption application. Bring...

Working Whiskers

Our Working Whiskers program helps find homes for cats who are typically unsuitable for indoor living as a companion pet. The reasons for cats in this program vary, but include being too shy and fearful of people, preferring the company of...