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Lost & Found Process

If you think one of the animals listed on our website is your lost companion, please contact our team as soon as possible.

303.278.7575 | [email protected]
Foothills Animal Shelter holds found pets for a 5 day “stray wait” period while we search for their owner.
Following this holding period, animals are assessed for our Adoption Program.

Pet Reclaim Process

We are open daily from 10am – 5pm. To reclaim your pet, please come to our shelter to identify them in-person and pick them up. Please review the below fee schedule.

Make sure to bring a pet photo to help with identification and veterinary history to prove ownership. If you are reclaiming a dog, please bring proof of current county license; proof of rabies vaccination may be required. Please note, you may incur additional fees if an Animal Control Officer brings your animal to us. 

Pet Reclaim Fees

As Jefferson County’s open admission shelter, we ask for payment of reclaim to cover the intake, care, and medical costs we incur while caring for your pet. However, we will return your pet to you regardless of your ability to pay the shelter fees. We do not have the ability to waive any fees or fines levied by our Animal Control Partners.

Daily Care Fees

Medical Care Fees

If a found pet arrives in need of medical attention, our veterinary team will provide them supportive care, to relieve pain and suffering, as we work to reunite them with their owner.

Additional fees may apply if your pet has received veterinary services while in the care of Foothills Animal Shelter.

Our website is updated as animals arrive. If you see your pet listed on our Found Pets page, please contact our team immediately.


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