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Foster a Pet

Open your heart and home to animals in need through our Foster program!

The Foothills Animal Shelter foster program relies on the support of our animal-loving community who provides temporary placement for animals in need. Thanks to these incredible volunteers, these animals receive compassionate care and safe shelter until they are ready to be adopted into a new home or reunited with their families.

General Foster Requirements:

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Fostering FAQ’s

What types of animals need foster care?
  • We have all kinds of animals in need of foster! The most common animals seeking foster homes are dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice. Currently, our greatest need is for homes that can accommodate adult dogs and those that do not have other pets.
Why do animals need foster care?
  • Most often, the animals at Foothills who are seeking foster placement are recovering from medical treatment and require time to recover. There are also opportunities to foster very young kittens and puppies who are not yet old enough for adoption. We occasionally seek foster placement for animals who are experiencing higher levels of stress and to give them a break from the shelter setting.
How long do animals need foster care?
  • The duration of foster placement can vary greatly, from a few days to several months. Our Foster program is very flexible and works with each foster volunteer individually. Our team can also move animals into different foster homes when necessary, allowing us to accommodate even more animals and a wide variety of volunteer schedules.
What supplies will I need to foster a pet?
  • Foothills will provide the materials needed to foster, including food, toys, bedding, kennels, and more! In general, we recommend keeping your personal cleaning supplies on hand to supplement supplies available through our Foster program.
Are there any requirements for my home environment in order to foster pets?
  • We do not have any specific requirements for your home to take a foster pet, though we do require home inspections prior to taking a foster pet. During this visit our team may make suggestions to improve the safety or sanitation of designated foster spaes. These home visits can be completed virtually or in-person. If you are renting your space, we recommend you check with your landlord before taking on foster animals.
I work full-time, can I still foster?
  • Yes, many of our animals can adapt to a normal working schedule. Our department hours also offer a variety of appointment times to fit in foster parents’ schedule.
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