License Your Pet

In July 2013, Jefferson County transferred the administration of the County’s pet licensing program to Foothills Animal Shelter. Now your dog’s license not only helps get your lost pet home, it also provides funds to the Shelter so we can continue to give life-saving care to thousands of homeless animals each year.

In 2013, 43,192 licenses were issued in unincorporated Jefferson County, Arvada, Edgewater, Golden, Lakewood, Westminster and Wheat Ridge. This is a “compliance rate” of 24%. In other words, only 24% of dog owners licensed their dogs in 2013. Foothills Animal Shelter hopes to double that number within the next few years.

If lost, could your pet tell anyone where they live? Could your pet hop on a bus, jump on the light rail, or call a cab? Unfortunately, none of these options exist for your beloved animal. That’s where we come in.

We want to ensure that you and your pet are never separated. So we offer an annual pet license to help you and your pet enjoy a long, happy companionship.

Questions about pet licensing? Call: 303.278.7577

If you have found a pet with a license tag labeled Jeffco License or Jeffco Lic, please click here to search its license tag number.

License & Update

Click the link below to register for a new pet license, renew your pet’s existing license, or update your contact information or your pet’s information (such as a change in address, if you no longer own your pet, or if your pet has passed away).

New/Renew/Update Your Pet’s License >>


Licensing Locations

To register your pet in person, visit any pet licensing site – there are nearly 50 in our community!

View Licensing Locations >>


Licensing Clinics

Pet owners can visit walk-in clinics held at various times and dates throughout our community. These clinics also offer affordable vaccination services (bring your pet’s vaccination records to help us better serve you). A current rabies vaccination is required to license.


Tag Lookup

Did you find a lost pet wearing a Jeffco pet license? Using the tag number, you can search for the owner’s contact information:

Look up a tag number >>


License Benefits & Information

Do you love your pet?

Benefits of a license in Jefferson County:

  • We are able to contact you immediately if your missing pet is found. In many cases, our animal control partners bring your pet directly home.
  • As a responsible pet owner, you avoid receiving a fine for having an unlicensed dog.
  • Your pet licensing fee helps support Foothills Animal Shelter – where thousands of homeless pets are cared for each year.

You’re not alone. Your pet shouldn’t be either. Given how much good can come from it, no pet should ever be without a license.

Annual registration fees

A license is only $15 per year if your pet is spayed or neutered (or $30 per year if your pet is unaltered).

Foothills Animal Shelter offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries. Click here to learn more.

RABIES vaccination

To obtain a pet license, you must present a current rabies vaccination certificate.

Is your pet due for a rabies vaccine? Weekly clinics are held at Foothills Animal Shelter and throughout our community. Click here for details and a clinic schedule.

Does your pet need a license?

All dogs 4 months of age and older must be licensed with Foothills Animal Shelter within 30 days of being in unincorporated Jefferson County or the cities of Arvada, Edgewater, Golden, Lakewood, Westminster or Wheat Ridge.

You may choose to license any cat or other pet that might benefit from pet licensing services.

How smart is your dog?

Click to listen: Licensing Public Service Announcement

Do you know where your pet is?

Does your pet have a built-in compass? Would you know where to find your pet should it get lost?

Check out our pet licensing public service announcements to find out!

The second video features the Behrens Family and their dog Topay, a Foothills Animal Shelter alum. Big thanks to the Behrens Family and the City of Lakewood KLTV8 for donating their time and talent.