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Evacuation Resources

Foothills Animal Shelter is here to support our community and will provide free, temporary boarding for your small animals in the case you are evacuated.

Please have the following items for your animal when bringing them in for temporary boarding:

Our Information
580 McIntyre St., Golden, CO. 80401
[email protected]

Click here to view the map for both large and small animal temporary boarding.
We can only accept small animals. Large animals and livestock should be taken to Jefferson County Fairgrounds.  

Support Displaced Animals

Foothills Animal Shelter is currently accepting donations to help support the animal evacuation efforts. Click the button below to donate.


Resources for Evacuees:

Evacuation Updates:

Evacuation Shelters:

Preparing your pet(s) for an evacuation:

Common questions during an evacuation

How can I support Foothills Animal Shelter and pets impacted by this disaster?

Foothills Animal Shelter is accepting donations to help support the animal evacuation efforts. Visit our website at www.FoothillsAnimalShelter.org to donate. The Shelter may also require support from additional volunteers or foster families. Communication will be sent out to our community should this become a need.  

Do you take evacuated large animals like horses, cows and other livestock?

Foothills Animal Shelter can only accept small animals, like cats, dogs, small pets, chickens, roosters, pigs and goats. Jefferson County Fairgrounds is the site for all larger animals and livestock. Visit www.jeffco.us/fairgrounds to learn more.  

I wasn’t home when the evacuation order went into effect, how can I get my animals to safety?

Do not attempt to reenter the evacuation area. Contact the Jefferson County Animal Response Team (JCART) to notify them if your animals are still in the home. JCART will work with local law enforcement and fire emergency management to attempt the removal of your pets. Visit www.jeffco.us/468/Animal-Evacuations for more information. If you are working or planning to be out of town, it is important to create a plan for your pets should they need to be evacuated while you are unavailable. Identify a neighbor, friend or family member who is comfortable with your pets and can remove them from your home.  

How can I be reunited with my missing pet?

If you become separated from your pet during an evacuation, first check the Foothills Animal Shelter Lost & Found pages to see if you pet was brought to the shelter. You can also post on your neighborhoods Nextdoor and Facebook Groups to see if anyone may have seen or picked up your animals. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and tag and has a microchip ID with up-to-date information.  Do not attempt to reenter the evacuation area to search for your missing pet.  

I need placement for my pet, what should I do?

Foothills Animal Shelter will accept all small animals from mandatory evacuation areas free of charge. You can bring your pet directly to the shelter at 580 McIntyre St, Golden 80401. Please come prepared with your pet’s veterinary records, including any medication, and ensure they are wearing a collar and tag. If you do not have your pet’s documents or medication, communicate their needs with shelter staff so we can ensure they receive any special care needed.  

How do I know if my area is being evacuated?

Often, emergency services will perform door-door evacuations, but it is essential to know when your area might face an evacuation ahead of an urgent situation. To stay up to date on these notifications, you can sign up for alerts in Jefferson County here. Also, social media can be a great tool for current, quickly changing information. Follow Jefferson County and Foothills Animal Shelter for updates. Finally, the media will help spread information about areas that may need to be evacuated. 

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