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Chloe was more than just a dog, she was a cherished member of the family, a loyal companion, and a source of endless joy and love. Her playful antics, boundless energy, and the way she brightened days with her presence will always be remembered.
In loving memory of Melissa Guevara. She showed her caring nature each day in her love for animals as well as her dedication to her coworkers. She will be deeply missed.
In loving memory of Patricia McCormick. Her love and care for animals was important to her and her wish to donate to Foothills.
Cathy Holt was an amazing pediatric nurse and fur baby lover. Cathy loved her cats like no one else. She gave them all of her and the best life possible. She is missed by her family, friends and patients.
Winston was a beautiful gentle little boy who loved to say hi to everyone who walked past him. We never went anywhere without him, he even traveled overseas numerous times and had his own doggie passport. We miss him with all our hearts.
To Cheesy: My doppelganger, my frenemy, my #1 nemesis but my brother in orange - I will miss you, and our spats. And don't you worry, we shall meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, where I will challenge you to another duel. From Smokey
Thank you, my precious Hobbes, for a wonderful 12 years. I miss you every day since you left this world on New Year's Eve 2021. You were the smartest, happiest, craziest border collie ever. Happy Trails.
In memory of Willa. You were such an amazing blessing in Josh’s life and taught him so much about friendship, unconditional love and loyalty. Your absence is felt every day, but he knows you are at peace.
Lou (formerly Kitty Kitty at time of adoption) was my soul dog and best friend. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2020, leaving a hole in our house and in our hearts. He was the best foster daddy to countless homeless pets and is very missed.
My best friend forever and the most handsome man in the whole wide world: Taio. We love and miss you so so so much.
Charlie, my Soulpup, rescued me in 2013. At the time I'd had insomnia for six months and from that first night on I slept soundly lulled by her gentle snores. She was my best friend and constant companion and I will miss her always.
In memory of Bubba: Thank you for the countless hours goofy fun and giggles. We hope you have found peace across the Rainbow Bridge ❤️
My dog, Baby, was adopted way back in 2006 from Table Mountain (now Foothills) Animal Shelter. She was my companion and adventure partner for the 16 years that I had her in my life. I know she is up there on her next adventure!
Ever remembering my late husband Randy and the dogs that loved him, at home and at FAS where he volunteered, 2014 - 2019.
In loving memory of Rudy and Zoey! Best friends forever.
In memory and appreciation of Silas, a gentle giant who loved his mom and family with all of his heart. We miss your warm and loving presence, your joy of swimming at Hyalite and your wonderful frolics in the snow. Until we meet again old friend.
In tribute to our precious greyhound, Chase, whose sweet and endearingly-goofy personality enriched our lives for so many years. He is deeply missed by his two humans and his constant companion, Piper.
In memory of Bailey, the best dog who ever lived. We miss you everyday, Boo Boo!
In memoriam of our two beloved cats. We loved them dearly and they will be forever missed but also forever remembered. They were our children for many years. The comfort and joy they brought to us each day will be cherished. Sheridan and Mocha.
For Peter and Claire Nimlos....who take wonderful care of their animals ...and their neighbors. We appreciate you! Lou and Cindy Johnson
In loving memory of Dexter. You were such an amazing blessing in life, and taught us so much about friendship and loyalty. May you forever bathe in the sun and play fetch to your hearts desire. Just remember to save me a game. Until we meet again ❤️
Periwinkle and Lilly the cat. Miss Periwinkle so much!
Woody we are blessed to have had you share in our lives. With Annie and Little Ricky again, may you rest in peace. Thank you. We love and miss you, until we meet again.
In memory of Alison. A beautiful person and a lover of all animals…especially dogs. ❤️
In loving memory of my beloved Emily
The 3 best friends a human could ever have. (L-R) Shyra, McFly and Mecie (Mecie is still with us at 11 years old) One day we will meet again, until then, thank you for being in my life.
Sonny. Handsome, crazy boy. We miss you. I'm so sorry.
AlfDog - you were the sweetest boy that ever was. We all miss you to pieces!
Clyde was the greatest, sweetest best friend ever!
Maddie was my soul dog and taught me so much. Her absence is felt every day, but I know she’s whispering our new resident dog’s ears… giving him instructions on how to care for us!
To our buddy, Simon. We all miss you & hope you’re doing happy laps somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Kari, Greg, Bob & Clark
In loving memory of Chuckie. Thank you for all that you taught me and for always loving us and keeping us on our toes. I still miss you so much and wish I could hold you just one more time, you will be in my heart forever!
My handsome boy! <3
Foothills Animal Shelter introduced me to one of the loves of my life - Louie. What a wonderful boy he was. Every now and then I see him in other dogs I meet, and what a gift that is. I will forever love you, Lou.
The sweetest dog there ever was.
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