Search Tips

The sooner you begin your search, the better your chances are of being reunited with your lost pet. Take the following steps both inside and outside your neighborhood to help improve your chances of finding your pet:

Update Your Contact Information


Was your pet wearing its license tag when it went missing? Contact the organization where you licensed your pet immediately and verify that your phone number and address are up-to-date in their records.

If your pet is licensed within Jefferson County, Arvada, Edgewater, Golden, Lakewood, Westminster or Wheat Ridge, click here to update your contact information.


Does your lost pet have a microchip? Contact the microchip company immediately and verify that your phone number and address are up-to-date in their records.

Even if your pet has been missing for months or even years, you should continue to update any changes to your phone number or address. This will ensure that you can be contacted if the microchip is ever traced.

If you cannot locate your pet’s microchip paperwork containing the microchip number and company information, try contacting your veterinarian (or a shelter or rescue group if you adopted your pet). They may be able to locate that information for you.

Search High & Low


Search online lost & found postings such as animal shelter and rescue group websites, post to sites like Facebook and NextDoor and check

your home & NEIGHBORHOOD

Go through your home and pay close attention to areas such as appliances, attic, cabinets, closets, crawl spaces, drain pipes, drawers, gutters, roof, sheds, trees and vehicles. Curious pets can often wander into these areas and get themselves stuck.

While you search the neighborhood, post flyers within a several-mile radius of your home with a description of your pet and your phone number.

sense of smell

If your pet doesn’t hear you calling for them, his strong sense of smell may lead him back home. Leaving a pair of your old gym socks, shirt, your pet’s bedding or toys out on the patio may help guide your pet back home. For lost cats, consider leaving their litter box or a can of tuna outside. Indoor cats are easily disoriented by the smell of outdoors, so a friendly scent may help them find their way home.

Cats & Kittens

Often, people think missing cats may have been attacked by wildlife, or believe that they will wander back home after a few days. Please do not delay searching for your cat. We encourage you to begin your search as soon as your cat goes missing, and continue looking.

Other Places to Search

We encourage you to visit our Shelter in person and check back often.

If your pet is found by an Animal Control Officer in Arvada, Edgewater, Golden, Lakewood, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, or unincorporated Jefferson County and has a license tag, they will make every attempt to return the pet directly to you before bringing your pet to the Shelter. If your pet is not wearing a license tag, the officer will bring the pet to Foothills Animal Shelter.

If your pet is found by a community member, they might take it to a shelter or organization they are familiar with – not necessarily the closest location. Therefore, please check our Shelter even if you live outside of Jefferson County.

Here are some other local animal welfare groups that you can contact to look for your pet:

Animal Control Contacts

Arapahoe County 720.874.6750

Arvada Animal Management 720.898.6850

Brighton 303.288.1535

Broomfield Animal Control 303.438.6400

Clear Creek County 303.679.2398

Denver Animal Control 720.913.1311

Edgewater Animal Control 303.235.0500

Englewood Animal Control 303.761.7410

Gilpin County 303.572.0750

Golden Code Enforcement 303.384.8045

Jefferson County Animal Control 303.271.5070

Lakeside Police 303.455.1980

Lakewood Animal Control 303.987.7173

Longmont Animal Control 303.651.8500

Mountain View Police 303.421.7282

Northglenn Animal Control 303.450.8886

Sheridan Animal Control 303.762.2200

Thornton Animal Control 303.538.7517

Westminster Animal Control 303.658.4326

Wheat Ridge Animal Parks 303.235.2926

Local Animal Shelters

Adams County 303.288.3294

Arapahoe County 720.874.6750

Charlie’s: Clear Creek/Gilpin Co. Animal Shelter 303-679-2477

City of Aurora 303.326.8288

Denver County 720.913.1311

Denver Dumb Friends League 303.751.5772

Humane Society of Boulder Valley 303.442.4030

Humane Society of South Platte Valley 303.703.2938

Longmont Humane Society 303.772.1232

Park County 719.836.4380

Other Agencies

All Breed Rescue Network

Angels with Paws Cat Rescue and Adoption Center 303.274.2264

Cat Care Society 303.239.9680

Evergreen Animal Protection League 303.674.6442

Intermountain Humane Society 303.838.2668

Maxfund 303.595.4917