Why should you spay/neuter your pets? To keep your pets safe, happy, and healthy! This procedure helps prevent certain cancers and avoids the high cost of caring for litters. It can help prevent bad behavior like running away from home to look for a mate, marking or spraying indoors and some aggression issues. Spaying a female animal can reduce the risk of breast tumors and uterine infections. Neutering your male companion animal prevents testicular cancer and some prostate problems. Spaying and neutering your pets is associated with longer, happier lives in general.

Your Pet’s Age and Vaccination History

  • Animals must be a minimum of 8 weeks (2 months) and no older than 8 years of age to be eligible for spay or neuter surgery.
  • We highly recommend that puppies and kittens (4 – 6 months of age) are fully vaccinated for Distemper and Parvo prior to surgery. However, if your puppy or kitten still needs its third series of vaccines, we can give these at the time of surgery for a fee. Please bring your pet’s vaccination records with you at time of drop-off.
  • We also highly recommend your adult animal be vaccinated prior to surgery. We can give vaccinations at the time of surgery for a fee. Please bring your pet’s vaccination records with you at time of drop-off.

Your Pet’s Health

  • We are designed to accept healthy animals for surgeries. If your pet has any underlying health problems, the surgery should be performed at a full-service vet clinic.
  • We consider dogs and cats eight years and old to be senior or geriatric. Although most older dogs and cats can undergo a routine spay or neuter procedure safely, it is important to understand that with age, the risks of any surgical procedure may increase. Additionally, dogs and cats over the age of eight years old may have an increased risk for diseases that may add increased risk to surgery. We encourage you to consult with your veterinarian to conduct a senior pet wellness and health exam to determine if your pet’s health is in ideal condition and that surgery is a proper course of treatment moving forward. Foothills Animal Shelter does not offer health exams or diagnostic services to public pets prior to the spay or neuter surgery, regardless of the animal’s age.
  • If your pet has been sick lately, it is better to reschedule the appointment than to have the surgery.
  • If your pet is currently presenting with symptoms of illness or has been diagnosed with a contagious disease, please do not bring them to the Shelter. Instead, please visit your regular veterinarian.