To help keep pets healthy and safe, we offer several affordable services including vaccinations and microchips.

  • Vaccinations help protect your pet from contagious diseases, and keeping them up-to-date is important.
  • Microchips act as a safety net in case your pet’s collar and tags fall off or are removed if your pet becomes lost. A simple scan at a veterinarian or shelter can help your lost pet be reunited with your family.
  • Both vaccinations and microchips are very important even if your pet is kept mostly indoors. Many contagious diseases are airborne and there is always a risk that your pet could accidentally slip out the door and catch a disease outside.


Vaccine, License & Microchip Clinics take place weekly at our Shelter and at other locations throughout our community. No appointment is needed during any of our Vaccine, License and Microchip Clinics, but the clinic operates on a...


Foothills Animal Shelter provides microchipping for your cat or dog: The cost is only $35 per pet (or $20 for dogs that have a current license). This charge includes microchip registration. No appointment is needed to get a...