New X-Ray Equipment Will Help Hundreds of Animals Each Year

Xray_equipmentFoothills Animal Shelter recently installed in-house x-ray equipment that will help hundreds of homeless pets each year. Generous donors raised a total of $43,000, allowing Foothills Animal Shelter to purchase the equipment. With this addition, the Shelter will now be able to quickly and easily take x-rays on all animals at the Shelter who would benefit.

X-rays are often needed for animals who have experienced traumatic injury from accidents, conditions arising from abuse or neglect or congenital defects. Prior to the addition of the x-ray equipment, Shelter animals were transported to local veterinary clinics for x-rays. The Shelter is lucky to have the support of dozens of local veterinary clinics, but because of transportation needs and the cost, only the animals in most dire need were sent out for x-rays.

Paintbrush                  Paintbrush_xray_broken-leg
Paintbrush, an 8-week-old kitten, suffered from a broken leg that was diagnosed and treated thanks to the new x-ray equipment.

“We are very excited about the new x-ray equipment. With this addition, we will be able to perform comprehensive exams on all our animals that would benefit, not just the most extreme cases, in addition to eliminating transport stress for our animals. In the month that we have had the equipment, we have already been able to help more than 30 animals with everything from broken limbs to swallowed pennies,” said Dr. Emily Hays, Foothills Animal Shelter’s Chief Veterinarian.

Last year, Foothills Animal Shelter’s Health Care team saw more than 14,000 patients, several hundred of which needed x-rays. With the new equipment, those x-rays can now be done at the Shelter, without transporting the animals offsite. The Shelter estimates that hundreds of animals will benefit and thousands of dollars will be saved each year because of the in-house x-ray equipment.

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