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Improving Lives

Inside Foothills

Unknown Canine Respiratory Disease

Last updated December 19, 2023 The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) has been receiving calls over the past two months from practicing veterinarians reporting an elevated number of canine respiratory disease cases in the state. Other states, including Oregon, Florida, and New Hampshire, are seeing a similar pattern at this time. Has Foothills seen increased…

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Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza

Foothills Animal Shelter has received a positive test for the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza virus (HPAI). The Shelter is working with the State Veterinarian and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) following this outcome and will continue our work to keep the people and animals in our community safe. With this test result and…

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Disaster Preparedness for Pets

With warmer weather quickly approaching and as we enter a season in Colorado that typically experiences an increase in natural disasters, including fires, Foothills Animal Shelter wants to help pet owners in Jefferson County that may experience these emergencies. Below are some reminders and tips to ensure your pets are prepared should you need to…

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Foothills Animal Shelter Seeing Cases of Community Dogs with Parvo Virus

(GOLDEN, CO – March 17, 2021) – Foothills Animal Shelter has seen an increase in Parvo cases recently, currently treating their third Parvo-positive case from a local dog brought into the Shelter. Dogs exhibiting signs of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, weight loss, dehydration among other symptoms should see a vet immediately as Parvo is a highly…

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Abused Dog has Been Rescued and is Healing at Foothills Animal Shelter

(GOLDEN, CO – January 21, 2021) – Foothills Animal Shelter is pleased to announce that an eight-pound Chihuahua has been rescued after severe physical abuse. An Animal Control Officer was called in the middle of the night to the dog’s residence and encountered a horrifying scene. The ACO immediately removed the pup and rushed him to…

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Welcome to the Foothills Animal Shelter Community

We’re pleased to introduce you to the new blog for Foothills Animal Shelter! We’re an open admission facility serving all of Jefferson County, and we’re here to make lives better for people and pets. We understand the joy that a pet brings to your home. They are true members of your family, providing unconditional love…

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Foothills Animal Shelter Announces Rebranding in Celebration of 10 Year Anniversary

(GOLDEN, CO – August 5, 2020) –   Foothills Animal Shelter, a recognized resource for making lives better for pets and people, announced the company’s rebranding in celebration of its 10th anniversary. In August 2010, the shelter moved their operations into the current facility, changed their name and significantly improved the tools used to care for their pets…

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Foothills Animal Shelter Prepares For Increased Intake Due To COVID-19

(GOLDEN, CO – March 23, 2020) – As Colorado continues to navigate the ever-changing climate of Coronavirus with cases in the state, Foothills Animal Shelter is actively preparing for an increased intake of pets from owners that have tested positive for COVID-19. Over the weekend, the Shelter received their first Animal Control agency intake of…

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Foothills Animal Shelter Calls for a Paws-itive Change in 2020

(GOLDEN, CO – January 30, 2020) –  Foothills Animal Shelter is calling on their community to join their PAW monthly giving program. For as little as $10 a month or 32 cents a day, PAW members can make a lasting impact on thousands of animals year-round. The monthly gifts provide sustainable support for the Shelter – giving homeless pets food, medical attention, and the care they all so…

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Foothills Animal Shelter Announces Passing of Shelter Mascot

(GOLDEN, CO – September 23, 2019) – Toby, the inspiration for Toby’s Pet Parade and Fair and Foothills Animal Shelter mascot, passed away today.   Following his adoption from Foothills Animal Shelter, Toby enjoyed a life of love and second chances with his new family. One of his roles was as Foothills Animal Shelter’s mascot and ambassador…

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